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Should my school support my IBD-related needs?

Overall, yes. If you go to a K-12 school that receives federal funding (all public schools, and some private schools) your school can provide either a 504 or an Individualized Education plan (IEP). A 504 plan is for students with a disability (including chronic illnesses) and provides accommodations like extensions for assignments missed due to medical conditions/appointments, preferential classroom seating, unlimited bathroom access, and/or extra time on tests. IEPs also provide accommodations, and are for students who have learning and/or intellectual differences. In college, you should also be able to receive accommodations by contacting the Office of Dis/Ability Services. In all academic settings, the first step is to reach out to the school and ask who is responsible for coordinating student accommodations, then reach out to that person. To find out more, check this out:

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