Trellus Health’s role

Trellus Health is not an insurance provider, nor do we deliver medical services. Trellus Health’s role is limited to:  

  • Remove geographical barriers to access expert clinical and multidisciplinary care through virtual connectivity  
  • Partner with your trusted provider to deliver services and provide resources that are not typically available or paid for in their unit or hospital  
  • Remove healthcare siloes and unblock communication, and enhance coordination across care teams  
  • Educate providers and patients on the current gold standard diagnostic and treatment guidelines  
  • Change any behaviors that are actually interfering and negatively impacting your own disease outcomes 

Trellus Health is independent from your healthcare providers and is not responsible for such healthcare providers’ acts, omissions or for any content of the communications made by them. Trellus Health does not engage in the practice of medicine or provide any other health services.